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Kent State's victim

The habitual line stepper
21 June 1983
I love to listen to music Punk and Emo mostly but gotta love me some pop. I go to the Gay Bars every now and a agian and have really taken to going to Mugs and the Loft here in Kent. I love Kent State Basketball. Go Flashes!! Im a band dork...geek...fag whatever u care to call it...not playing so much anymore but i love to go see marching bands and concert bands play all the time...i love me some Andy Roddick, Sean Mackin, and the Boys on Passions, well just Fox and Migel But still...lol
acting, adult swim, afi, air force, alkaline trio, allister, andre 3000, andy roddick, anson carter, atticus, axis, bad religion, bars, basketball, blink 182, blue jackets, bob marley, boys, brak, brand new, buckeyes, carrots, christina, chuck palanuik, classical, clubbing, coheed and cambria, college basketball, columbus blue jackets, comedy central, communication studies, dan fritsche, dashboard confessional, david vyborny, diesel, disc golf, dj, drinking, elvira kurt, emo, energy, evil jake, family guy, fight club, finch, finding nemo, florida, foo fighters, fredik norrena, fredrik modin, friends, futurama, gay, good charlotte, greece, green day, harry potter, hockey, homestar runner, ice skating, idna menzel, invisable monsters, jesse metcalfe, jimmy eat world, justin timberlake, karaoke, kent, kent state, less then jake, lord of the rings, margret chow, maria bamford, matchbook romance, melanie c, mest, monty python, movies, music, mxpx, new found glory, nikolai zherdev, nirvana, no doubt, no fx, odd world, osu, our lady peace, outkast, oz, partying, patmos, pearl jam, photography, piercings, placebo, play station 2, porn, proximity grey, punk, rancid, rebel without a cause, red wanting blue, rent, rick nash, ryan key, school house rocks, scremo, sean mackin, sergi fedorov, sigur ros, simple plan, skiing, slick shoes, snowboarding, something corporate, son of a witch, space ghost, stand up comedy, strong bad, the cheat, the clash, the daily show, the distillers, the epoxies, the format, the outer banks, the ramones, the used, the vexers, the wrens, theatre, thursday, todd marchant, tom petty, weezer, wicked the new musical, working out, xfactor, yanni, yellowcard gilbert brule